Sundance 2014: First Look at Aaron Paul and Newcomer Josh Wiggins in “Hellion”

December 4, 2013 | Posted By In Film Festivals, Images | 1718 Views


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hellionsm Before Jesse Pinkman drives off “Breaking Bad” and into “Need for Speed,” he’ll take a detour to Utah, where Aaron Paul will premiere indie drama “Hellion,” a dysfunctional family drama that appears to put him in great turmoil once again judging by these first photos. Can’t the guy ever catch a break?

Newcomer Josh Wiggins makes his acting debut here as the titular Hellion, a 13-year-old juvenile delinquent who lives up to that title when his bad behavior gets his little brother sent away from their home to live with their aunt. Presumably Paul plays the kids’ dad, whose not such a role model himself, as they struggle to get their lives and the rest of their family back together.

“Hellion” was directed by Kat Candler and will screen in the US Dramatic Competition when Sundance 2014 runs from January 16-26, 2014. See the first photos from the film below.


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