TV: Emily Rose Goes Sexy Teacher in Stills from “Haven” Episode 4.07

October 23, 2013 | Posted By In Television, TV Images | 4772 Views

Haven - Season 4

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Haven - Season 4

Nathan’s dreams are about to come true in episode 4.07 of “Haven” if these newly released stills are any indication. Emily Rose’s Audrey Parker channels that sexy teacher fantasy in a dream sequence that sees Lucas Bryant naked and late for class in an episode that’s all about dreams having real life consequences, aptly titled “Lay Me Down.” A nice little interlude for Haven’s resident star-crossed lovers while they continue to try to figure out how to end the Troubles without one of them having to kill the other.

Meanwhile, Eric Balfour is dealing with slightly less amusing problems as Duke’s issues with his newly returned – and newly revealed to be totally evil – brother Wade (Christian Camargo) becomes deadlier. Good thing his new sidekick/love interest Jennifer (Emma Lahana) is back in town and hopefully getting some answers about Haven from Richard Donat and John Dunsworth’s Vince and Dave.

The newest episode of “Haven” airs this Friday night at 10pm. See the new episode stills, plus the sneak peek, below.

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