TV: Adelaide Kane’s “Reign” Takes Form in Royal Cast Images from New CW Series

September 23, 2013 | Posted By In Television, TV Images | 9686 Views


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Australian actress Adelaide Kane is ready to take the throne in new CW historical drama series “Reign,” and today we have new promo images of the hot young cast, courtesy of TV Guide.

Kane plays Mary, Queen of Scots, as she arrives in France in 1557 to marry Francis (Toby Regbo), the future King. She finds him less than thrilled to marry her right away, though she does draw the attention of his hotter – but historically fictitious – half-brother Sebastian, played by Torrance Coombs (“It’s not the History Channel,” Kane told TV critics who somehow found the energy to take issue with historical inaccuracies for a teen soap on The CW). Add in four beautiful ladies-in-waiting, some court intrigue, a murder or two, and a period dress “Gossip Girl” is born, which should be right up the CW’s target audience’s alley.

“Reign” is chock full of new young actors, including “Chronicles of Narnia”‘s Anna Popplewell, Aussie actress Caitlin Stasey, British actress Celina Sinden and Canadian actress Jenessa Grant. It premieres on October 17th at 9pm on The CW, and yeah, I will be watching the hell of this. See the new cast photos below.


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