First Look at Zac Efron and Jeremy Strong in JFK Assassination Drama “Parkland”

July 29, 2013 | Posted By In Images | 1380 Views

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parklandsm It’s set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival and was just recently set for September 20th release date, and now we have the first official photos from JFK assassination drama “Parkland”, via USA Today. Among the first photos are stage actor Jeremy Strong play Lee Harvey Oswald and Zac Efron playing the rookie doctor – the only one on duty at the time – who tried to save both the President and his assassin.

Peter Landesman wrote the script and made his feature directorial debut on the film which chronicles the lead-up to President John F. Kennedy’s assassination and its aftermath. Parkland refers to the hospital where JFK was rushed and where his assassin Lee Harvy Oswald also died two days later, and follows some of the lesser known individuals who played a role in the history-making events. The cast also features James Badge Dale Lee’s brother Robert, Jacki Weaver as his mother Marguerite, Billy Bob Thornton as Secret Service Agent Forrest Sorrels, Marcia Gay Harden as the head nurse of Parkland Hospital and Paul Giamatti as Abraham Zapruder, whose recording of the Presidential motorcade became a key piece of evidence in the ensuing investigation.

USA Today has more photos of the aforementioned cast members, so be sure to click over to check them out. The photos of Efron and Strong are below.


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