Watch: Justin Timberlake Faces the Wrath of Ben Affleck in First Trailer for “Runner Runner”

June 6, 2013 | Posted By In Videos | 830 Views

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Looks like Justin Timberlake and Liam Hemsworth will have a lot in common this summer. The first trailer for Timberlake-headlined gambling thriller “Runner Runner” has dropped, and it bears some striking resemblances to yesterday’s “Paranoia” trailer starring Hemsworth. Timberlake, like Hemsworth, plays a college student strapped for cash who takes a shady job for a mysterious boss, getting in way over his head, only this is in the gritty online gambling industry somewhere in South America, rather than upscale, high tech Manhattan.

The Brad Furman thriller also stars Ben Affleck as Timberlake’s new boss, who seems worthy of idolatry at first but soon reveals his true colors, and Gemma Arterton as his love interest and potential ally or foe. Throw in Anthony Mackie as an FBI agent on the illegal company’s trail and again we have another Trailer That Tells You Everything. A seemingly darker, grittier cousin to “Paranoia” where being fed to crocodiles is an actual concern for people making wrong moves, “Runner Runner” will be released on September 25th, and the first trailer can be viewed below. Which trailer has piqued your interest more?


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