UPDATE: Oscar Isaac Out of Untitled Pablo Escobar Biopic

May 10, 2013 | Posted By In Casting | 866 Views

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oscar-isaac 08/12/13 UPDATE: Oscar Isaac is now out of the project, with John Leguizamo possibly replacing him, according to The Playlist.

Increasingly in-demand rising star Oscar Isaac will play Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in a new film directed by Brad Furman, according to Deadline.

From a black list script by Matt Aldrich, Furman and Isaac will tell the story of Escobar, who rose from meager beginnings as one of seven children of a farmer and a school teacher to one of the richest and most murderous drug lords in history. No word on how expansive this biopic will be, but producer Scott Steindorff described it as “a cross between The Godfather and a war movie, capturing the complexity of the man while showing the violent lifestyle.” Naturally, it’s not the only Escobar story in the works. A fictional account of the drug lord, revolving around an Irish surfer who meets him and falls for his niece, is in the works with Josh Hutcherson and Brady Corbet starring and Benecio Del Toro as Escobar.

Isaac is one of our Faces to Watch in 2013 and clearly for very good reason. His higheset profile role yet in the Coen Brothers “Inside Llewyn Davis” will premiere at Cannes next week and was recently set for an awards-friendly December 6th release. Also completed are thriller “Two Faces of January” with Viggo Mortensen and period drama “Therese” with Elizabeth Olsen, and still to film are indies “Mojave” with Jason Clarke, “Memorial Day” with Max Minghella and “Ex-Machina” with “Anna Karenina” stars Domnhall Gleeson and Alicia Vikander.


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