Armie Hammer reportedly the front-runner for Finnick in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, but does he want the job?

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No, there’s still nothing official yet, but are we one step closer to meeting our Finnick? Lainey Gossip (she who broke the news of Jennifer Lawrence’s initial front-runner status for Katniss) reports “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” director Francis Lawrence has his mind set on Armie Hammer to play the dashing District 4 tribute and fan favorite Finnick Odair and that “if he could start tomorrow with his dream cast, Armie would be Finnick”.

But don’t celebrate just yet, ArmieForFinnick supporters. The difference between Lainey’s report this time and the one written at the time of Lawrence’s casting, is that there seems to be a lot of doubt as to whether Hammer is even interested. As we said as well, Hammer is an increasingly in demand young actor, and he and his people could simply decide committing his heavily scheduled time to a teen franchise for potentially three more movies is not the best move for him. In the meantime, fellow rumored maybe-Finnick Taylor Kitsch has apparently taken himself out of the running, telling The LA Times point blank: “Not going to happen.” Not a peep from Garrett Hedlund’s camp, which is probably smart if he is actually interested in the job.

Hammer is currently filming the titular role in “The Lone Ranger” opposite Johnny Depp for director Gore Verbinski, a feat that perhaps had seemed a much a bigger deal pre-“Dark Shadows”, and he has a couple of indie thrillers lined up: “By Virtue Fall” with Eric Bana and “Cut Bank” with Teresa Palmer, both potentially shooting this fall, so he may not even be available. There’s still a big question mark hanging over this one, but we’ll be keeping an eye on it as closely as you will.


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  • Ilene

    I think he would be perfect, especially due to his eyelashes…
    Please not Garrett…. whatever….
    If this guy wants to be super rich and super popular, he should do it.

  • Neena

    I like Armie and not, but he is like a live size Ken doll. He is extremely attractive, but there is no sexual appeal. Finnick is supposed to be extremely SEXY, not a doll. I’m sure he has the acting chops for the role, but I rather he focus on The Lone Ranger and other movies. Finnick is just not for him.

    I don’t usually care for fan favorites when it comes to casting, because I think something unknowns deserve the boost the role would give to their career (Harry Potter cast, man!), but I’m totally going for Garrett Hedlund as Finnick. He doesn’t have as many roles as Hammer, but he is good actor and has the sex appeal.

  • Gues1234

    Finnick is supposed to look like someone you’d love to bang, not someone you’d like to have a tea party with.

  • sugarcube

    JESSE WILLIAMS for Finnick Odair. !!!

    I wasnt his greatest supporter at first, but I see it clearly now. I dont why why really, I was thinking of Finnick as a blonde, which he isnt so not any more. Finnick can be played by a POC, that’s what people need to realize. The author of the book is very open minded, she create a world where all races exist. Jesse Williams does check all the boxes. Green eyes, bronze hair, tan skin and of all the guys being fancasted, I can say in all honest, he is the one with the beauty and mesmerizing effect that is Finnick is described to be have, he just looks right. He is a wonderful actor as well

    I think he can do this, Jesse Williams can be Finnick. He is my first choice right now.
    My other choices are Max Irons and Jeremy Sumpter.

  • jennifer

    Arme Hammer
    -role of Christine Gray in ’50 Shades of Gray…(upcoming movie)–he would be “perfect”…hope, he “declines” role so he will accept this one..- would be able to play the many personalities of Christian Gray..–with that boyish look about him. jmho.

    Ana Steele– Kaya Scodelario…jmho

  • Nat


  • Rebekah

    Thank you for linking to the Armie Hammer for Finnick Odair Facebook page, I actually run that page. Needless to say, I really hope this information is true.

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