“Chronicle” star Alex Russell and Broadway actor Ansel Elgort join “Carrie” remake opposite Chloe Moretz

May 15, 2012 | Posted By In Casting | 6048 Views

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Chloe Moretz just found herself a couple of new victims. Variety reports “Chronicle” star Alex Russell and Broadway actor Ansel Elgort are the two newest additions to the cast of Kimberly Pierce’s new adaptation of Stephen King classic “Carrie.” Moretz is set for the titular role while Julianne Moore will play her uber-religious mother and Gabriella Wilde recently signed on as the first of Carrie’s classmates.

Moretz plays the role, originated by Sissy Spacek in Brian De Palma’s 1976 classic, of a painfully shy high school student who is the target of merciless bullying. When a prank goes too far at her prom, she manifests telekinetic abilities and turns her murderous rage against the classmates who tortured her. Wilde is set as Sue Snell, a popular girl who makes fun of Carrie but then begins to befriend her, while Russell is set as one of the bullies. Elgort is reportedly going to play “a friend” who takes Carrie to prom, but it’s unclear if the role is Tommy, Sue’s boyfriend who she convinces to take the ostracized girl to prom in order to make her feel more accepted in the book and original film.

Australian actor Russell earned some buzz for Aussie drama “Wasted on the Young” but hit a bit of a breakout moment along with co-stars Dane DeHaan and Michael B. Jordan earlier this year with found footage sci-fi thriller “Chronicle.” Elgort, still a high school senior, made his professional acting debut a couple of months ago as the star of Off-Broadway drama “Regrets.” “Carrie” would mark his feature debut.


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