Bradley Cooper may reunite with David O. Russell for “American Bullshit” opposite Christian Bale

April 18, 2012 | Posted By In Casting | 630 Views

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Sounds like Bradley Cooper really enjoyed working on “The Silver Linings Playbook.” He’s already working with co-star Jennifer Lawrence on a new movie, “Serena”, and now he’s in talks to reunite with director David O. Russell as well. Deadline reports Cooper is now in negotiations to join the cast of “American Bullshit”, with another Russell alum, Christan Bale, already attached to star.

The film will follow the real life political drama Abscam, which was set up by the FBI in the 1970s and 80s. An FBI employee posed as a fictional Middle Eastern sheik named Kraim Abdul Rahman, who was videotaped taking meetings with government officials in which they agreed to take money for helping him gain asylum in the US, among other illegal activities. The investigation culminated in the conviction of a United States Senator and five members of the House of Representatives. A January 2013 start date is tentatively scheduled, with director and stars all committed to other projects between now and then.

Cooper is currently in Prague with Lawrence filming 1920s thriller “Serena” under the direction of Susanna Bier. In September he’ll return one last time to the role that made him famous in the threequel to “The Hangover.” And while Woody Allen’s next film had been rumored to take place in Copenhagen with Cooper attached to star, the location was quickly debunked (Allen will shoot in San Francisco instead); it’s unclear if Cooper’s involvement is also off the table.


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