First Look: Aaron Tveit and Eddie Redmayne as revoluntionaries Enjolras and Marius on the set of “Les Miserables”

April 12, 2012 | Posted By In Images | 4019 Views

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We’ve seen some shots of Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and even Anne Hathaway with all her hair chopped off, but today we have our first look at some of out most beloved characters from “Les Miserables”: Enjolras and Marius. Broadway vet Aaron Tveit is playing the former while British actor Eddie Redmayne, hiding a surprisingly operatic baritone, is playing the latter, and in the first set photo featuring the two, they are shown standing atop what looks like a casket in the midst of a funeral procession, wearing French flag colored buttons and Enjolras carring a giant red flag that should look familiar to fans of the stage version of the musical. Our guess is that someone named LeMarque is in that casket behind them, sparking the revolution that will have tragic consequences for everyone involved.

Tom Hooper is hard at work directing the big screen adaptation of the beloved Victor Hugo classic and Broadway musical, starring Jackman as Jean Valjean, an ex-convict who escapes parole and fights to stay two steps ahead of the tenacious Inspector Javert, played by Crowe, for most of their lives. Along the way they meet Hathaway’s sickly Fantine, who entrusts her young daughter Cosette to Valjean’s care. When Cosette comes of age to be played by Amanda Seyfried, she falls fr Redmayne’s Marius, who becomes torn between his new love and his loyalty to his best friend and their cause. Meanwhile, Samantha Barks plays Eponine, a poor street urchin in unrequited love with Marius. It’s a messy, epic tale set in 9th Century France, and it’s fantastic.

This production is rushing towards an Oscar-friendly December 2012 release date, and you can see the first photo featuring a rather poofy-haired Tveit as Enjolras and Redmayne’s lovelorn Marius below. Head to Tumblr for more.


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