Watch: Jesse Eisenberg caught between Greta Gerwig and Ellen Page in first trailer for Woody Allen’s “To Rome With Love”

April 3, 2012 | Posted By In Videos | 631 Views

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Some plot and character details are cleared up with our first look at the trailer for Woody Allen’s newest globe-trotting filmmaking venture, “To Rome With Love.” Allen himself is back on the screen in this one, about interlocking stories of love, infidelity, family, politics, fame and more. He joins Jesse Eisenberg, an American living in Rome with his girlfriend Greta Gerwig. When her newly dumped best friend Ellen Page shows up to stay a while, an instant love triangle is formed. Alec Baldwin plays his visiting father, while elsewhere in the city Alison Pill plays Allen’s daughter, dating an Italian her father disapproves of and Penelope Cruz plays the hottest prostitute that could only exist in the movies.

Typical of Allen’s films, the dialogue is sharp and funny and the situations playful and silly. Bring on Copenhagen. In the meantime, “To Rome with Love” opens on June 22nd and the first trailer can be viewed below.


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