First Look: Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons in Andrew Niccol’s “The Host” from “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer

March 21, 2012 | Posted By In Images | 1289 Views

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03/26/12 UPDATE: All images from People are now available in High Quality. Click below.

As “Twilight” draws to a close this year, author Stephenie Meyer is knee-deep in shepherding her other literary hit to the big screen. Advertised as her first “adult” novel, “The Host” nabbed acclaimed sci-fi director Andrew Niccol but nevertheless stars a teen-friendly group of young actors, led by Saoirse Ronan in a dual role as one of the last few surviving free-willed human beings, as well as the alien “soul” that attempts to inhabit her body.

The film is currently filming in New Mexico, and the first teaser trailer is expected to debut tomorrow online and then in front of – what else? – “The Hunger Games” starting on Friday. And it looks like the first still images from the movie are about to hit newsstands this week as well.

Fan epnebelle took to Twitter to snap a picture of the new issue of People magazine, which contains the very first images from the film, and shows Ronan mirrored, an obvious ode to the two personalities dueling inside of her, as well as being confronted by Max Irons as Jared, the man her human self Melanie was in love with, but who is understandably suspicious of her strange new eyes and transplanted personality. The two look much happier and natural in another picture, likely a flashback to happier times. Also shown is Diane Kruger as an alien Seeker intent on tracking down Ronan and her small band of human resistance (including Jake Abel as her other love interest Ian, Chandler Cantebury as her little brother Jamie and William Hurt as the leader of the group).

“The Host” is still more than a year away from release, with an expected date of March 29, 2013. See a low quality grab of the new pictures below. We’ll replace with higher quality versions when they become available.



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