Rosemarie DeWitt joins Matt Damon and John Krasinski in a tale of rival corporate executives

March 11, 2012 | Posted By In Casting | 766 Views

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After remaining firmly in supporting roles for most of her career, Rosemarie DeWitt is taking her first steps into a  leading role – and with two of Hollywood’s biggest actors right now, Matt Damon and John Krasinski.

Well-known for roles in the Anne Hathaway vehicle “Rachel Getting Married” and last year’s surprise critical hit “Margaret”, Deadline reports that DeWitt has joined the cast of Gus Van Sant‘s, “Promised Land”.

A “Capraesque tale .. [of] rival corporate executives”, Damon and Krasinski wrote the screenplay, after a first draft came from acclaimed American writer and editor Dave Eggers.

No word yet on what kind of character DeWitt will play, but the film follows Damon’s character, “a sales executive who arrives in  small town only to have his whole life called into question.”

DeWitt can next be seen another John Krasinski film, Nobody Walks, and in this summer’s sci-fi comedy “Neighbourhood Watch”.


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