Haley Bennett joins Shiloh Fernandez in “Deep Powder”, takes title role in “Ella Walks the Beach”

February 8, 2012 | Posted By In Casting | 1081 Views

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Looks like Hollywood is sitting up and paying attention to Terrence Malick’s newest discovery. After being chosen to star opposite Christian Bale in “Lawless”, Haley Bennett is suddenly a hot commodity in town and has just booked two lead roles. Deadline reports Bennett has taken the lead role in “Deep Powder” and the title role in “Ella Walks the Beach.”

We don’t know much about “Deep Powder”, except that it also stars Shiloh Fernandez and was written and will be directed by Mo Ogrodnik later this month in New York. In “Ella Walks the Beach”, Bennett will play Ella, who walks on a beach. Literally. The film is described as “a drama about a young woman who spends 24 hours traveling along an iconic California beach, testing the waters of suddenly being single.” David Robert Mitchell wrote the script and will direct.

Bennett is still very much a relative unknown, perhaps still most well recognized for her role as pop star Cora Corman in Hugh Grant-Drew Barrymore rom-com “Music & Lyrics” or perhaps as the titular haunted girl in “The Haunting of Molly Hartley”, though she has also turned in impressive work in indies like Greg Araki’s “Kaboom” opposite Thomas Dekker and Juno Temple. She has already began pre-production work with Bale and Malick on “Lawless”, which is expected to shoot this September.


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