“Skins” star Kaya Scodelario joins “Now Is Good” opposite Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irvine

June 26, 2011 | Posted By In Casting | 1235 Views

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British actress Kaya Scodelario took to Twitter yesterday to announce she has joined the cast of “Now Is Good”, starring Dakota Fanning as a terminally ill teenager who is determined to live her short life to the fullest. Jeremy Irvine stars opposite Fanning as the boy next door with whom she falls in love. Ol Parker will direct and Paddy Considine and Olivia Williams will co-star alongside the youngsters, presumably playing Fanning’s parents who struggle with setting limits on a teenager with so little time to experience things like sex, drugs and adventure.

Scodelario sounded ecstatic about the film and has apparently been sitting on the news for a while: “Just been told that I’m aloud 2 tell u guys what my next project is!It’s called Now Is Good and I’ll be working with Dakota Fanning!Excited!” After taking a moment to cringe at the failing British education system, we can begin speculating on what role the young “Skins” star might play. Inevitably, Fanning’s character Tessa is the straight-laced good girl with the complete opposite for a best friend. Scodelario may well likely play Zoey, the more outgoing, reckless and life-of-the-party of the pair.

The 19-year-old Scodelario is most known to audiences for her role as fan favorite Effy on UK teen series “Skins”, and recently was shortlisted for the role of Katniss Everdeen in Gary Ross’s “The Hunger Games”, a role that eventually went to Jennifer Lawrence. However, Scodelario may have her own big breakout moment on film when she headlines Andrea Arnold’s new adaptation of “Wuthering Heights” as Cathy, one half of a tortured couple whose love/hate relationship transcends life and death. The highly anticipated (and highly secretive) film is rumored to be planning an unveiling at one of the many prestigious film festivals rolling out this fall, the most likely being Venice or Toronto.


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