Charlie Hunnam to battle aliens and sea monsters for Guillermo del Toro in “Pacific Rim”

May 10, 2011 | Posted By In Casting | 745 Views

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Guillermo del Toro has chosen a leader of the human resistance in his ambitious alien invasion epic “Pacific Rim”, reports THR. FX’s “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam is the first to sign on the the film about powerful extraterritorial aliens who invade countries situated on the edges of the Pacific Ocean. In retaliation and to protect the planet, humans invent man-powered giant robots to combat the invasion. Speculation has Hunnam playing the pilot of one of these new weapons slash vehicles, described in detail by one website thusly: “The central character is Raleigh Antrobus, 23, a skilled Jaeger pilot still wrestling emotionally with the loss of his co-pilot and biological brother, Yance, during a mission a year earlier. The ordeal has wreaked havoc on his mind spirit, leaving him with ghostly nightmares of the battle from the shared ‘pons’ experience. After the initial setup, the damaged hero is recruited to re-join the task force in Tokyo, where pilots are in demand, and team with a fellow ‘leftover,’ 22-year-old female Japanese pilot Mako Mori.”

Plot details are being kept tight under wraps, though several months ago some potential plot details were uncovered, describing the film as taking place on two worlds: “The first [world] is an alternate version of Earth in the near future, decades after an historic date in November 2012 when the first kaiju, a towering Godzilla-like beast, emerged from a hole in the Pacific Ocean and attacked the city of Osaka, Japan. The second [world] is ‘The Anteverse,’ another universe on the other side of that gaping portal, 5 miles below our ocean’s surface.” [News in Film]

Hunnam recently wrapped “Blackbird” opposite Olivia Wilde and Eric Bana as siblings on the lam. Hunnam plays a troubled boxer newly released from prison who crosses paths with the duo. He was also part of the Sundance film “The Ledge”, slated for limited release on May 29.


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