Logan Lerman is “The Only Living Boy in New York”

April 18, 2011 | Posted By In Casting | 141 Views

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Up and comer Logan Lerman is gearing up for a busy second half of 2011 after 2010’s “Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief” failed to ignite his career the way some had anticipated. He has just signed on for the lead role in indie dramedy “The Only Living Boy in New York”, according to Deadline.

“Horrible Bosses” helmer Seth Gordon will direct the picture, described as a twisted coming of age tale about a young man who discovers his father is having an affair and tries to stop it, but ends up getting involved with the mistress himself. The film is gearing up for a fall shoot, presumably after Lerman completes filming on “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” opposite “Harry Potter” superstar Emma Watson. “Perks” is gearing up for a July shoot.

Lerman, who first caught audiences’ eyes as a youngster on The WB’s short-lived Kennedy-esque political drama “Jack & Bobby”, in which he played a future President as a teenager, will also debut as D’Artagnan in a new 3D version of “The Three Musketeers”, out on October 14th.


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  • anon

    up and comers have you been following tumblr and twitter and other social networks, logan lerman has been a trending topic on twitter more times than other young stars who also broke out in 2010 and 2011. news about him and his photos dominate tumblr. so you might want to rethink your analysis of the impact of his starring role in percy jackson. he just doesn’t do events like other young actors

  • anon

    not only are you a little off the mark in your comments on Lerman’s career but you also have the Perks filming start date wrong. latest info from Production Weekly and other online sites is for 10 May filming – pls do some more research. just saying

  • Linda Ge

    Tumblr is not the real world I’m sorry to say. Percy Jackson underperformed at the box office. That is the real world.

    • anon

      tell that to the people on tumblr. you’re the one not living in the real world

      • Linda Ge

        Tell the Tumblr fans they should have gotten more of their friends to see Percy Jackson. Success is not measured in Tumblr enthusiasm but in dollars at the box office.