Once Upon a Time: A Fairy Tale Adaptation Round-Up

March 5, 2011 | Posted By and In Features | 2995 Views

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Hang tight to your memories of childhood fairytales, because most of them are about to get a make-over in the next couple of years. Thanks in no small part to the massive success of Tim Burton’s live-action 3-D fantasy “Alice in Wonderland”, nearly every fairytale, legend and folklore is being snatched up by studios to remake, re-invent and re-imagine for the big screen, sometimes more than once (yes, there really are three Snow Whites and two Peter Pans in active development). And each one has a new “twist” to make you believe you’re not paying $14 just to see a tale as old as time. From modern-day Beasts to self-sufficient Snow Whites and grown-up Hansels and Gretels, each new project promises to be “modern”, “edgy” and inevitably, “brand new”.

It all kicked off yesterday with the release of “Beastly”, a modern-day retelling of “Beauty and the Beast” starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. What better place to start?

Start Here: Beastly >>


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