Five actresses shortlisted for Andromeda in “Wrath of the Titans”

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This one is a bit of surprise, since Alexa Davalos played the role of Andromeda in “Clash of the Titans” and it seemed her storyline with Sam Worthington’s Perseus was neatly wrapped up at the end of that movie, but The Wrap reports Warner Bros is bringing back the princess who, in traditional Greek mythology, marries Perseus after he frees her from the sea monster Cetus. However, since the film deviated greatly from legend by having Perseus fight the Kraken instead of Cetus and link him romantically more to mythological priestess Io, played by Gemma Arterton, it is unclear what role Andromeda will now play in the next chapter “Wrath of the Titans”, or, for that matter, why Davalos is being replaced.

In addition to testing five relatively unknown actresses for the role, Edgar Ramirez, hot off his breakout role in “Carlos”, is in negotiations to play the God of War, Ares, and Toby Kebbell will play Agenor. Previously, Javier Bardem and James Franco had been sought for those roles, respectively. The Wrap also states that Bill Nighy is being sought to play Olympian Hephaestus.

But let us turn our attention to the five young women who are vying to play Andromeda opposite Worthington’s Persues. Here’s a look at Hayley Atwell, Clemence Poesy, Georgina Haig, Janet Montgomery and Dominique McElligott:

Hayley Atwell is a British actress previously best known for her role in miniseries “The Pillars of the Earth”, but is no stranger to beating out the competition for high profile roles. Last year she won the role of Peggy Carter opposite Chris Evans in “Captatin America: The First Avenger”, beating out the likes of Keira Knightley, Emily Blunt and Alice Eve.

Clemence Poesy, a prolific French actress, is most known for playing Fleur Delacour in several “Harry Potter” films and has also appeared in “In Bruges” with Colin Farrell and in Oscar favorite “127 Hours”.

Georgina Haig, an Australian actress who would be completely unknown to American audiences except for the fact that she was on another high profile shortlist last year: for the role of Gwen Stacy in “Spider-Man” that eventually went to Emma Stone.

Janet Montgomery, another British up and comer, lost out to Emily Blunt after screen-testing twice opposite Matt Damon for the lead in “The Adjustment Bureau”. She was most recently seen as a dancer in “Black Swan” and will next be seen in “My Idiot Brother” with Paul Rudd.

Dominique McElligott, like Haig, was a finalist to play Gwen Stacy in “Spider-Man”, and is probably most well known for her role opposite Sam Rockwell in “Moon”.


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