Andrew Garfield and Gemma Arterton to star in Robert Capa biopic?

December 23, 2010 | Posted By In Casting | 1517 Views

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Thank you, Santa, for Gemma Arterton and her complete inability to keep anything to herself. Becoming somewhat notorious in recent months for speaking out about everything, from which of her films she thinks aren’t very good (“Clash of the Titans”) to meeting with directors for projects that are far from confirmed (“Alien” prequel, among others), Arterton drops another bombshell in her latest interview. Announced quite casually to Total Film upon winning their Hottest Actress award, Arterton states that a biopic of early 20th century wartime photojournalist Robert Capa is in the works (“confirmed” is the word she uses), with Spider-Man Andrew Garfield in the title role and Arterton playing his partner, Gerda Taro, the first female photojournalist to cover war from the front lines.

Though Arterton simply calls it “Capa” to Total Film, the film in question is presumably “Waiting for Robert Capa”, reported last October to be directed by Michael Mann for Columbia Pictures, adapted from “Esperando a Robert Capa”, by Spanish writer Susana Fortes. That was the one and only news to come forth regarding the film until Arterton’s pronouncement this month. There is no word on whether Mann, who is at work on producing and directing HBO series “Luck”, is still attached.

Furthermore, keep in mind that if half of the projects Arterton claim are in the works actually are in the works, she would be putting Tom Hardy to shame. Among the films she says she is attached to are “The Key to the Street”, from a script written years ago by Christopher Nolan, “In With The Outlaws”, a western/comedy co-starring Gabriel Byrne and Timothy Spall, Michael Winterbottom’s “London Fields”, and separate biopics of Marianne Faithfull and Courtney Love. Phew!

Arterton is currently on the West End stage in “The Master Builder” and will then begrudgingly do that sequel she’s contractually obligated to do, “Wrath of the Titans”. Garfield is in the heart of shooting “Spider-Man” and has never hinted at what, if any, projects he might take on after. Due to our personal bias, we hope “Capa” can get off the ground with Garfield and Arterton, but we’ll be taking this one with a giant grain of salt.


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